October's Blendi brings four interesting shows

October's Blendi brings four interesting shows

On the 13th of October in Blendi, there's an amazing combination of performances again. We had an open call for artists and got a lot of good applications. Our team chose four different shows for October and four for November.

Theatre group Kvartetti will perform an extract from their upcoming play by Anna Krogerus "Only yours". The rights of the play are with Nordic Drama Corner. The play will be seen in Nurmijärvi in November.

The other performances in Blendi will be a show using clownery and physical comedy by Jenni Marjomaa and Justiina Saari and stand-up by Timo Teern about being an Estonian in Finland.

The fourth show will be Leena Keizer's dance performance Hajasäveliä, which is a perfomance born in the Pandemic, where dance performer Keizer builds voice bridges together with musician Joni Rajamäki. Keizer's show has been supported by Niilo Helander's Foundation, Taike and the City of Lahti.
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