The last Blendi of the year takes audience from Ninja fighters to opera

November 11th is the last Blendi of the year at Botta. The performance will be circus, opera, physical theatre and improv. There is a winter discount, two tickets for the price of one until 5th of November.  The night will be combination of very different experiences.

Improv group Myötähäpeä is a group of young performers. Opera Operaatio! will bring bits of their upcoming show G.Bizt's opera Carmen suviyössä which will later be at Kanneltalo. Fatal instrument is a three man performance group, which do performances combining  action, comedy, music and circus. 


PROCESS KH-211011 is a multilingual visual and raw exploration on negative self-talk - the ugly, and surprisingly common inner monologues we face in our lives. How does the mind react to our behaviour? Is there a way to move from painful self-destructive thoughts to self-compassion?

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