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Ekata Theatre

Kohtaavat kehot / 13.8.2024 OULU

Kohtaavat kehot / 13.8.2024 OULU

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Kohtaavat kehot is a two hour workshop at Stoa in Itäkeskus on the 9th Sept at 2pm and 12th Oct at 5.30pm. FREE ADMISSION

Many things feel heavy at the moment. Also, the constantly accelerating pace makes us feel inadequate.

At times, it's difficult to silence the critical voice and be compassionate toward ourselves. We believe in the power of physical theatre as a means to learn to look at our own bodies and ourselves with more understanding. We will move together and remember how skillful our bodies are at taking care of us.

We love theatre. Its transience and reality. For us, theatre is about empathy. It's a beautiful bridge to connect with one another, who may seem distant in the midst of unconnectedness. We all breathe, laugh, and experience pain. Theatre makes it real and provides an opportunity to feel and express emotions. Theatre is also a pathway to learn to be present in the moment. To slow down and pause.

Compassion is a choice to be a part of creating a more wholesome tomorrow. Join the physical theatre workshop to show compassion to yourself and others, and to have a lot of fun.

The physical theatre workshop Kohtaavat kehot explores the significance of breath in expressing emotions. We learn to better understand our own body and the skill of being present. Previous acting experience is not required. For the workshop, you can wear comfortable clothes which are easy to move in. 

The course level is suitable for beginners and doesn't require knowledge about physical theatre. 

Ekata Theatre is an IDG-hub and the work is based on the Inner Development Goals framework, which guides us to better understand how to be more resilient in the world full of crisis and be part of a positive change. Ekata Theatre produces physical theatre and courses about inner development. Our vision is to use theatre as a tool to encourage each other to be more kind, present and better critical thinkers.

If you want to support our work, you can do so by "buying" this free product and naming the sum of your choice as the tip. With your help, we are able to produce these free events for everyone. 

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