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Time for a new story

We are at a crossroad. There is no going forward anymore. We have come to the end of the road with our mechanistic way of thinking. We are not able to solve all the cumulated life-threatening crises with these tools that we have.

It is time for creativity.

It is time to take an empty page and write a brand new story.

Children imagine, play and dare to try without paralyzing self-criticism. We must relearn to play in order to reach the creativity we need to respond to the changing world. We hold creative workshops where we combine physical theatre ensemble work, improvisation and creative writing to develop future skills. Our work is inspired by the Inner Development Goals -framework. We are two futures artists, Saaramaria Kuittinen and Erika Eva, and we are also part of Falay Transition Design -collective developing embodied and creative methods to stewart the society into a regeneravie future.


Empty page – Creative writing workshop

The creative writing workshop we are offering is way to enhance mental wellbeing as well as increase creativity and sense of meaningfulness.

Why choose creative writing:

We, as humans, have a unique ability to express ourselves verbally and to improve in doing so. We find words for abstract emotions and can shape our life stories into understandable forms, while also dreaming about the future.

However, our society, which emphasizes clear goals, tends to overly rely on the use of words for categorization. We enjoy putting things into boxes and charts. Now, we find ourselves in a situation where the world is in turmoil, daily life is more challenging, and the working environment is undergoing a transformation. There are no easy answers, and we must have better abilities to manage complexities and approach changes creatively. This requires the ability to see beyond the confines of boxes and think outside the lines.

Creative writing is a way to develop these skills because it supports the rediscovery of our creative side, enables the expression of emotions, and helps silence self-criticism through the immersion in writing.

Workshop includes:

Contemplating Meaningfulness: Through the lens of poetry, we pause at meaningful moments and learn to pay attention to significant things.

Skill of Presence: Through breathing exercises, we bring forth a present awareness that enhances a sense of well-being.

Finding Flow: Through guided free writing exercises, we explore how to enter the state of flow and identify what hinders it.


Wise body - Embodied theatre workshop

A physical theatre workshop offers a new way to enhance team spirit and promote well-beingin the workplace. Through various relaxing and enjoyable physical theatre exercises, we enhance body awareness, overall well-being, and become better at sensing the needs of others. This, in turn, improves group dynamics in communities. 

Why choose theatre workshop:

In our colloquial languange, the word acting is often associated with pretending to be someone we are not. However, real acting is primarily about learning to express oneself better by becoming more familiar with one’s own body and its messages. This is why theatre exercises provide a unique way to improve well-being. Understanding one’s own body has been proven to be linked to tuning into the messages of others, making us better in interpersonal interactions.

Workshop includes:

Well-being of the Mind: Breathing exercises and physical activities reduce stress and tension. The workshop teaches participants to be aware of their bodies and movements, fostering body awareness that, in turn, enhances well-being.

Improved Interpersonal Skills: Understanding one’s own body enhances interaction with others. The workshop also promotes non-verbal communication and strengthens relationships among colleagues.

Courage in Self-Expression: Participants learn to be more courageous in expressing themselves and quieting their self-criticism.

...and especially...

Lots of Fun: In the workshop, we engage in entertaining and easy improvisation games that guarantee laughter!


Shared rhythm - Team building with theatre

The increasing prevalence of remote work and the transformation of work have reduced casual laughter in break rooms. However, the evolving nature of the workplace demands even stronger teamwork and resilience from teams.

Our workshop offers innovative and creative methods to enhance team intelligence and interaction. Through active and physical exercises, we aim to build trust among teams, foster deeper connections, and teach mindful listening in response to the changing landscape of the working environment.

Why choose this workshop:

We are living in the midst unpredictable crises, where problems are becoming increasingly complex. Conventional ways of solving problems are no longer sufficient. Additionally, the advancement of artificial intelligence requires human teams to leverage what makes us unique: creativity, abstract thinking, as well as emotions and embodiment. This workshop strengthens precisely these areas.

We practice skills such as presence, diversity management, and curiosity. We see potential in the playfulness of theatre, as it allows us to try new things without the fear of failure.

Our toolkit includes physical theatre ensemble work, creative writing methods, and playful exercises.

Workshop includes:

Physical exercises because a better connection with the body enhances the ability to read non-verbal cues and promotes mindful presence.

Creative writing for reflecting on the experience of meaningfulness because finding a common direction enhances team cohesion and motivation.

Improvisational games where making mistakes is guaranteed, and vulnerability is explored gently. The fear of failure inhibits the expression of new ideas and confines us to familiar patterns.

Theatre ensemble exercises where we seek collective intelligence and harmony. Tuning consciously into the moment and the presence of others helps sense the group and fosters respect for the diversity within the team.

Futures artists - experienced facilitators

Saaramaria Kuittinen is a curious, book-devouring eternal learner and a professional writer (Aberystwyth University). She writes poetry, plays, and scripts and is represented by Nordic Drama Corner. She utilizes creative writing as a tool for systemic change and draws inspiration from flow research and practical philosophy in her workshops. 

Erika Eva is a mother, a sports enthousiast, and a professional theatre director (Essex University), specializing in physical theatre where bodily expression takes center stage. As a professional pedagogue (University of Oulu) with over ten years of experience, Erika’s approach as a director and facilitator is gentle and playful.



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