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What internal skills do we need for our multi-crisis world? We need to be internally stronger and more empathetic to create a meaningful and sustainable tomorrow. We believe in humanity's ability to develop our thinking and internal skills. We also believe that humans are creative, and that art provides a pathway to encounter and create new thought patterns. We aim to develop future resilience through theatre and expand our thinking and ability to connect with others We are concerned about the growing digital addiction, mental health issues, and polarization. These, along with many other challenges, hinder our ability to address the urgent climate crisis and the threat of artificial intelligence. Additionally, we have observed a general crisis of meaning underlying these issues.

However, we believe that as humans, we have the opportunity to develop internal resources to navigate change and be builders of meaning in a demanding world

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dye

One underlying framework of our work is Inner Development Goals, which emphasizes that change happens from the inside out. There is a widespread recognition that many things need to change to effectively respond to the crises we face. One such thing is how we perceive human being.
We believe that to build a new world, we must challenge our fundamental assumptions. The assumption of an efficient and performative human should be challenged, and instead, we should embrace a compassionate and conscious individual to imagine a world that prioritizes the well-being of nature, including humans. IDG goals are aspects of internal development, and more information can be found on the IDG website.

Ekata Theatre as an IDG hub is a community in Helsinki where we can meet, learn, and support each other in internal growth and be builders of meaning in tomorrow's world. We also meet virtually. Simultaneously, the community is an opportunity to bring together diverse thinkers, as developing empathy and thinking improves our chances of facing and listening to others.

INTERESTED? We are constantly building a larger community to create something new together. If you want to know more and be part of building meaning, feel free to contact us. We also offer courses and workshops for companies and organizations. Book a free consultation and let's discuss further.

Ekata Theatre

Erika Eva, physical theatre director, creative practitioner and facilitator


Saaramaria Kuittinen, writer, playwright and facilitator