Once upon a time, there was a group of people who only knew how to move fast-forward. They had no other mode. But very soon, they ran into a WALL.

Some of the people were already squished by the wall, while some kept still running forward.

While the people in the front were suffering with no more air to breath, the ones in the back kept running because there was still way to go.

Some doofus in the back shouted "Don't worry we'll invent technology to make us walk through the wall!"

If only they thought about trying another mode. They could stop. Turn. Look. And find alternative ways.

Writing a new story.

All stories end. 

Ours is ending. But ends create space for new beginnings.

Our story has been this. We modern humans have only had one mode: fast-forward. Exponentially fast developing new tech, building higher buildings, accumulating more wealth, destroying most of the planet. 


There is a need for a new story. New mode.

We could start right here.

We'll have to write a better story. A story about people, who remembered that the optimal experience is not gathering lots and lots of stuff but it is a moment where we sing a song together

We are living in a time where our survival depends on how well we write that new story.

Join us in writing that story.

Using creativity and arts for meaning making and transformation.


Ekata tHeatre creates metamodern art and methods towards connection in the midst of a meaning crisis. We also offer workshops for companies and organisations to enhance future skills and inner resources.


Kohtaavat kehot on the 13.8. in OULU. Complexity workshop on the 28.8. in HELSINKI.

    • Open workshops

      We offer open workshops for meaning making, building resilience and driving for transformation. Techniques include improvisation theatre, physical theatre and creative writing, and the combination of all three. We believe that all humans are creative and we find great power in unleashing that creativity. Let's all be artists!

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    • Organisations and businesses

      The increasing remote work and the changes in work-life have reduced casual laughter in break rooms. However, the evolving nature of work demands even stronger teamwork and resilience from teams. Our workshops offers innovative and creative methods for team building and wellbeing of employees.

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    • Collaborations

      Whether you are an interested individual, organisation leader or a researcher, we want to hear from you! As we dwell in the place of no answers we don't know what we don't know. But maybe you do. Tell us about your passion, project, research, talent or skill, and let's inspire each other and perhaps find ground for collaborations.

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