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Ekata Theatre

Complexity workshop 28.8. HELSINKI

Complexity workshop 28.8. HELSINKI

Normaalihinta €80,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €80,00 EUR
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Join us on 28.8. at 12-15 in HELSINKI

Complexity workshop by Ekata Theatre is led by Saaramaria Kuittinen and Erika Eva. In this playful workshop we look at how we can learn to hold complexities using embodied practices. We also get a felt sense experience of how living systems work and change without being controlled. In the times where we are, we need to cultivate our abilities to be with uncertainty without running towards narrow and insufficient solutions. Together we learn how to be stand grounded while remaining flexible, and to breathe amidst chaos. 

The workshop is held in Helsinki on the 28.8. between 12-15. Location will be confirmed later.
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